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Merry Chrismakwanzika!

To get you in the holiday spirit, here are some photos from the “Magic Tree” in Columbia. Get ready for a blast of color.  For some reason, my camera survived and didn’t explode from sensory overload.

Clark W. Griswold has nothing on this guy.

This crab apple tree has over 75,000 lights lining every branch, stick and twig.  I mean EVERY twig– even the toothpick-sized ones.  The owner of the tree starts decorating it in October and says it takes him over 120 hours to get every light on it.  He has eight different dedicated circuits delivering power to the tree and it costs about $10 a night to light it.  Here is the full story and more information on KOMU’s Website or the Magic Tree’s Website.

Have a Merry Christmas/ Happy Holidays!







Final Photo Story– DONE

I completed the final edit of my photo story on Marvin Sapp.  I posted it to my main website because WordPress doesn’t let me post Soundslides.


It is done and turned in, but the story will probably continue.  There are still photos that I want to get, but I will have to wait until spring to do so.  Its been a fun roller coaster ride of an experience.  Some days the story was coming together and other days it was falling apart and the pictures were terrible.  All part of the experience and I have certainly learned from it.

It’s Christmas break!  Papers, tests and projects are all done, thank god!



Marvin the Great

I have had the great pleasure of following around Marvin Sapp for the last 2 1/2 months during the corn and soybean harvest.

At 76, an age when most people would be comfortably retired, Marvin is still active as ever in the day-to-day operations of his farm in McBaine, Missouri.  In his own words, “It’s a great way of life and that’s basically it… We don’t plan on making much money, we just like to do it.”

In addition, Marvin is also the mayor of McBaine, MO– population 17 people.  Actually, at Wednesday night’s quarterly city council meeting, they realized the town’s population had decreased to 12.  But, as one person pointed out, the town also has 5 dogs and 2 cats (but who’s counting?).

Anyway, here are a few photos from the last couple of weeks.  I already posted a few of him out on the farm.  Recently, I wanted to capture his life at home and what he does in his free time.  I am working on the final edit of the whole project which I will post next week.