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Ode to Whataburger

If there is one thing I really miss about Texas, it is Whataburger.  The distinctive orange and white striped buildings are landmarks of deliciousness.  So, I was extremely elated when I found one while I was in Stillwater, OK shooting the Mizzou/Oklahoma State game.  I made Joel drive to it at 1 A.M.  Luckily he cooperated or I would have resorted to drastic measures.  Oh how I love Whataburger…



Lighting Cemeteries

There’s nothing quite like running around in cemeteries dating back to the 1800’s at 1 o’clock in the morning.  Chelsea and I did exactly that the other night to take photos for an upcoming VOX Magazine article on old Missouri cemeteries.  Since we both had to shoot the Mizzou Black & Gold basketball game that evening, we got off to a late start which meant we had to be a bit sketchy and walk around these places at odd hours of the morning.  We visited the Walnut Grove Cemetery in Boonville, MO which is supposed to be one of the oldest cemeteries in all of Missouri (we are told it was there before Missouri was even a state).

I really like the first picture below.  Most of the trees in the cemetery have turned yellow during fall and they were all backlit by the street lights surrounding the cemetery.  It made for a cool picture.

The second photo is about a 30 second exposure.  Chelsea hid behind a tombstone and shined a flashlight on all the back gravestones as well as the trees.  I stood behind the camera and lit the graves in the foreground.  We shot this photo for use as a cover for the magazine, so we left space to work with at the top and bottom for the designers.  A fun, but creepy night:





Did you know there is a town in central Missouri called Frankenstein?  Neither did I until this past Thursday.  Frankenstein (said just like it sounds) is a small unincorporated town in Ozark County and mainly consists of a Catholic Church and the neighboring Catholic grade school.  I went there to photograph both the church and the school for a story on how they create a sense of community for Frankenstein.

I wasn’t happy at first having to wake up at the crack of dawn to get to Frankenstein in time for morning mass, but once I got there, I had a great time.  After shooting mass, I got to hang around the grade school for most of the day.  It is a small 4-room school building with two grades in each room.  Because of that, the kids are used to working while other things go on around them (like a strange person with a big camera).  It was an overall good day and the teachers and staff at the school couldn’t have been more welcoming.  Here is the multimedia piece I put together:


Barrels and Bottles

The other day, I got to photograph Matthew Kirby who runs both A&K Cooperage and the Cooper’s Oak Winery in Higbee, Mo.

The winery is the only winery in the country that has barrel-making and wine-making facilities all on the same property.  Even cooler, the cooperage makes 95% of the oak barrels for Napa Valley’s Silver Oak Cellars.  If you know something about the wine industry, you know that Silver Oak makes a damn good bottle of wine (I don’t think they make a bottle below $75).  I found it interesting that most of their barrels come from this small town in Missouri.

Matthew was kind enough to let me bug him for most of the day and look over his shoulder as he made barrels, labeled bottles, and worked on his next batch of wine.  Here is the multimedia that ensued:

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