And the “wiener” is…

There are too many puns that you could think of for this event.  I photographed the PetSmart Wiener Dog Derby at Soulard Market Park in downtown St. Louis this weekend.  It is meant to be a race for wiener dogs, but when the gates open, it usually results in 6 very confused dogs wandering around trying to escape the walls of the track.  However, there were a couple of heats where all 6 dogs actually sprinted down the track and the winners got to go to the “Wiener’s Circle.”  This was the “One Day Assignment” story for my Picture Story class. Once I edit everything, it will be a 5-picture, 5 points of view story in the classic LIFE magazine style.  For now, these are some of my favorites.

A group of wiener dogs in the “Ballpark Franks” division sprint down the track towards their coaxing owners.

While some owners simply yell to coax their Dachshund down the track, others resort to treats, toys, and tennis balls to get their dog across the finish line.

In one of the fastest heats of the day, Dachshunds sprint down the makeshift race track.  While most dogs emerged from the gates with confused looks, this heat ended with all 6 dogs sprinting across the finish line.

Unable to find her way off the race track, “Lucy” the Dachshund relieves herself mid-track before being scooped up by her owner.

Pat Moeslein proudly holds her dog Emilie after being declared the “Wiener” of the final race of the day in the “Cocktail Wienies” division.


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