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Yep, that’s right… I have moved this blog to bigger and better things.  Please visit my new blog at



New Website/Blog

I haven’t posted in a while but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been working.  For the last week and a half, I have been building and customizing a new website.  This new website will also incorporate my blog and eventually my photo archive where you can purchase prints.  I also tried to make the new website/blog social media friendly and now have a feature where you can share any part of my site on twitter, facebook, etc.  Additionally, another plus of the new website is that it will work on the iPhone and the iPad which may or may not be important… I guess we will find out.

I am still putting the finishing touches on the site and blog, but I at least have a workable version up and running at the moment.  As always, feedback is appreciated!

Anyway, you can view my new blog here (or by clicking the picture below):

And you can see my new website with my portfolio here (or by clicking the picture):


Video Job Profile: Sea Lion Trainer

For my Picture Story & Photo Essay class, we had to do a video job profile on a job of our choosing.  I thought it would be fun to do it on a sea lion trainer at the Saint Louis Zoo.

I worked at the Zoo for 4 summers as a tour guide on the back of the train.  However, some days I was assigned to work at the Sea Lion Show.  I was always entertained by it and I think I always will be.  If you asked me as a kid what my favorite animals were, I probably would have had the sea lion on that list.  It is pretty hard not to laugh at a sea lion.

A big thanks to Angela and Kyle at the Sea Lion Show who took time out of their busy day to help me out with this.  If this whole journalism thing fails, I may just try to steal their jobs…

And for the behind the scenes photo (Thank you Chelsea)…..


Spring Break through iPhone Polaroids

For some reason, I always forget that I have this cool little application on my iPhone called “Shake It Photo” .  Basically, it turns your iPhone’s camera into an old-school Polaroid-style camera and it only costs $0.99!  You take the photo like you normally would on your iPhone and the image is then cropped to a square and the colors are messed with.  Even cooler, it shows up undeveloped on the screen and you get to shake your phone like you would a Polaroid to help it develop faster.  The end product actually looks pretty authentic right down to the realistic border.

Anyway, I decided way too late into my Spring Break trip down to Dallas that I wanted to document the trip with iPhone Polaroids.  I wish I would have done it the whole trip, but I was probably too brain dead from all the driving to remember.  Here are a few of the favorites that I did get.  These are all straight out of the phone…  Sometimes it is just fun to play:

Robotic Lady Liberty “waver” outside a tax prep store in Joplin, Missouri

Gentoo penguin swimming at the St. Louis Zoo

The skyline of Dallas, Big D.  I kind of miss it.  But I don’t miss its traffic…which I was sitting in when I took this photo….

Easter brunch at Whataburger.  Oh how I love Whataburger. Contrary to their marketing slogan, there is NOT one near me.  But,  I make a point to stop there every single time I go back to Texas.

I am always amazed at how big Dallas’ overpasses are.  This is the “High Five” where 75 and 635 intersect.  It is apparently the first 5-layered interchange in Dallas and the highest ramp is 120 feet in the air.  They were building this monstrosity when I was a Junior in high school and I first saw it when I went down to visit SMU.  I don’t think they completely  finished it until my Senior year in COLLEGE at SMU.


The Charitable Collector: Final Edit

This is my final edit for my character profile assignment in my Picture Story class.  I had other ideas for this assignment, but my main subject backed out at the last minute and send me scrambling for other story ideas.  I found Harry at the last minute and only had a day to photograph him.  Luckily, I was able to make the story materialize in a short amount of time.  Click on the picture below to go to the slide show:

Harry Weitkemper will turn 90 in April but he certainly doesn’t sit around feeling sorry for himself.  Instead, he spends his free time helping others.

Twice a week, Harry attends a local auction in Columbia looking for items he can fix up and donate to local charities.  On the days when he doesn’t attend the auction, he is repairing these items in the basement of his Columbia, Mo. Home.  “This is my recreation,” he says. “This gives me something to do… I can’t just sit around all day.”

While Harry mainly looks for old wheelchairs, walkers, and sewing machines, he is always keeping an eye out for other items, such as soup bowls, which can also be donated.  ““I buy whatever I think I can give to somebody,” he says.

“My body is old, but I think my mind is as active as it was when I was 47 years old,” says Harry.  “I enjoy what I do and if I die tonight, I’ve enjoyed it all.”


The Charitable Collector

One of the pictures from my character profile assignment.  More to come tomorrow… Too tired to post more…


4 Peaks in 5 Days

I haven’t posted too much lately mainly because the photo class I am taking this semester requires more long-term stories.  And, POYi judging has just ended after 3 weeks.

So, I am digging back into the archives and posting a couple of the panoramas I took while driving home from Reno this summer.  In 5 days, I made it to the top of 4 peaks in 3 different states.  Although I have to admit I cheated with one peak– Mt. Evans– and was able to actually drive my car all the way to the top and hike the last 100 yards…  Anyway, I took a panorama at the top of each peak I made it to and this is the result (Click on the images to see them bigger):

Mt. Tallac, 9,735 feet, South Lake Tahoe, CA

Mt. Wheeler, 13,063 feet, Great Basin National Park, NV

Top of Mt. Wheeler, 13,063 feet, Great Basin National Park, NV

Mt. Evans, 14,264 feet, Clear Creek County, CO

Mt. Democrat, 14,148 feet, Lake County, CO

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